Mummy, Bananas & Me

numyattheingioo_roads_01Photo essay about the street life of fruits vendor and her 3 years old little daughter from Yangon, Myanmar

IMG_6797Kit Kit is a sweet little three-year-old girl whose mother is a fruit seller specialising in bananas in downtown Yangon, Myanmar. Every day, from morning till night, she follows her mother selling fruits at the corner of Mahabandoola Road and 27th Street. Her mother moved to the city with Kit Kit last year to make money, while her father and older brother still live in a nearby village.



Kit Kit and her mummy love each other very much. She helps her mother in every way she can and her mother supports her in everything she needs as much as she can. She loves eating bananas and bananas have become part of her life. While her mother is selling fruit, Kit Kit likes to play nearby. She’s the sweetheart of all the neighbouring vendors and shopkeepers.




Sometimes, she laughs till her heart beats. Sometimes she cries till her heart hurts. While she loves the banana shop – it’s like a playground to her – sometimes she gets bored of staying there the whole day. No matter what, she is happy to follow her mother as she loves her so much and, of course, the bananas, too.

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