Greetings from Nu Myat


This is the greeting in Myanmar. Yes, I am from Myanmar, once known as Burma which is one of the South East Asia countries. Though I am from a small country, I want to explore the big world. Traveling is my passion and gradually becomes part of my career.

Actually I am a medical doctor graduated from Institute of medicine 1, Myanmar. But as I am passionate about writing and media, I became an editor in health journal after graduated. Then, I founded a fashion and lifestyle magazine named “The Chic Magazine” in 2010 and currently working as a chief editor of it. I am also a travel writer and writing many local and foreign travel articles in publications in Myanmar. I am also an author of a travelogue book about South Korea, named “Kimchi Days in Ginseng Land”.

I have been to around 150 cities in 43 countries in Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Some are my family hoilday trips while some are Business trips or Delegation trips and some are media FAM trips. I like all kinds of traveling because I believe travel can expands my experiences, my horizons, my thoughts, networks, etc. I love to try new foods, meet new people, experience new things, learn different cultures and see the beauty of each and every country.

This is my new chapter as a travel blogger and I am very new in blogging. Everything is new and complicated. Yet I am excited to see my photos and articles on my new babe, NuMyataroundtheWorld blog. Please welcome me to this new world! xoxo

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